Andrew Riverside Presbyterian Church corner of SE 4th St. and SE 8th Ave, 612-331-1511

WORSHIP is at 10:30 a.m.

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“Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. For out of the believer’s heart shall flow rivers of living water.”
John 7:37





















Andrew Riverside Presbyterian Church is currently searching
for a half-time Interim Minister beginning May 1, 2014.
See the Interim Minister job description (PDF) for additional details.

Ten years ago, our historic church building began to collapse and we had to move out and tear it down. For a decade, we have been experimenting with what it means to be church, literally “thinking outside the box.”

church exterior photoThis fall, we came home, returning to our original location, but in a new way. Now we are tucked into the base of an apartment building, creating community from the inside out.

We moved home this year and we invite you to find home with us, a home where:

Inside Out – photo of pouring cup of coffeeOur worship and program for this year, Inside Out, is imaged with a simple cup. The ordinariness of the cup reminds us that personal transformation happens in the common crevices of each day. A cup is a container for holding something. Whatever it holds is eventually emptied out to make room for the new. Our spiritual journey is like that—a constant process of emptying and filling, of giving and leaving, of accepting and letting go. We can be containers of God’s presence...vessels of loving energy poured out.


This card was mailed out to 5000 residents. Thank you Amy and daughter Sasha who was the artist!


March 30, 2014
Fourth Sunday of Lent “The Cup of Sacrifice”      
Guest Preacher, Rev. Kathryn Smith
“Anyone who gives anything to the Divine will find that it comes back to them turned to gold.”

April 6, 2014
Fifth Sunday of Lent 
“The Broken Cup"
Guest Preacher, Rev. Karen R. Larson
“Brokenness can be an instrument for change.  Pain, received rightly has the power to transform our lives.”

April 13, 2014
Passion Sunday 
“The Empty Cup”
Guest Preacher, Rev. Dean J. Seal
“God touches us with a touch that takes us to a holy space beyond emptiness.  This was the eternal calm of Jesus as he rides into Jerusalem to his death.”

April 20, 2014
Easter Sunday 
“The Cup of God’s River of Delight”     Guest Preacher, Rev. Dean J. Seal
“Lord Jesus:  You are a love song, beauty set to music.  You are a love song that you have sung to me.”

April 27, 2014
First Sunday in Eastertide         
The Cup of Transformation”  
Guest Preacher, Rev. Doug Throckmorton
“We can never know God exhaustively or completely.  But we can know in moments of the fierce beauty of God’s light and we know a burning transformation within us.”